New Balance Limited Golf Shoe Warranty
New Balance warrants its golf shoes to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and where applicable; waterproof*, for 12 months from date of purchase. 

The limited warranty excludes
  • wear resulting from reasonable use
  • wear and/or damage resulting from misuse and/or improper use
  • wear and/or damage resulting from contact between shoes and harmful chemicals/substances, and the like
  • accidental damage
  • *water entering resulting from any of the above
  • *water entering via normal and/or natural means, through the shoe opening and/or tongue

Claim requirements
  1. images clearly showing; i. the whole shoe(s), ii. the fault, iii. the label underneath the tongue
  2. description of the fault
  3. i. sku code, ii. model description including colour, iii. EAN
  4. copy of the proof of purchase**
  5. your Brand Fusion account number
  6. your customers name

**unacceptable formats include; hand written receipts, excel documents, and/or word documents

Retailers are expected to; assess their customers claims, and ONLY submit claims they are satisfied meet the criteria, in accordance with the above-mentioned exclusions