Volvik Vivid Patriot Pack

SKU: VV0000530
  • This set includes:
    • x3 White Volvik VIVID golf balls
    • x3 Green Volvik VIVID golf balls
    • x3 Orange Volvik VIVID golf balls
    • High quality gift box
  • Volvik's nano bi high energy resilient core creates low driver spin, high launch and greater distance
  • Ideal for players with driver club head speeds of 70 – 90mph
  • Oversized core maximises distance
  • Excellent ball flight consistency and gain exceptional distance
  • Increased visibility: Vivid colours have been developed for increased visibility in flight and on the ground
  • Minimised glare on golf ball: Promotes concentration and improved ball striking
  • Patented matte finish and vibrant colourful design


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